Wanderings with Chris ……Hoylake is enjoying the Open Golf, again!


Eight years ago the Open Golf came to The Wirral, we had money thrown at us to improve Hoylake, which they did really well but it didn’t go all the way through it just kind of stopped up by the Anchor, still Hoylake was left looking pretty. We had thousands of bodies and their cars […]

Tips on getting the best colour in your photographs

I am always looking for interesting tips on how to make my photography better and recently i have been experimenting with monitor calibration and bought a color monki to get more realistic colour in my images.
This article from Thephoblographer.com has some great tips.


A great article for making money from your photography

Zenologue posted this great and very helpful article today, having read it i now have several ideas to work through, maybe you will find it helpful too.


Well Hello there

Circumstance has kept me from my laptop for far too long, i have neither been able to blog or photograph anything in so long i wonder if i remember how to.
I have been waiting for a new laptop to arrive as my trusty Lenovo G550 was running out of steam, i wanted another Lenovo because you can literally chuck them at the wall and they wont break, (they’ve been to the moon, dont you know). So after an awful lot of looking i now have a lovely shiny and very fast, i might add, Lenovo Z50. It’s got a Nvidia geforce graphics card too, photoshop works soooo well!
So here is a little something to keep us going.
_DSC0106 copy

Placing a stamp frame around your pictures

Originally posted on Russel Ray Photos:

How I Did It

I have had a few requests both here and at Facebook to know how I put a stamp frame around my pictures. I told the Facebook people that I would do a tutorial on that today. Since my wise old grandmother taught me to keep my word, well, here it is!

I have asked Zoey the Cool Cat to help us, and while she wasn’t enthusiastic, she agreed. She prefers to be out looking for Easter eggs, or at least the birds that laid them. I keep telling her they are rabbit eggs, but she’s not buying it; she’s smarter than that.

First, most photo editing programs have a stamp frame as part of their offerings. I haven’t liked any of them because they are too perfect, and stamps are anything but perfect. Following are two stamp frames, the perfect one and my imperfect one, so you can see the…

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