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More than one string to my bow

If you have ever taken the time to look at my FAA website (which is you will see that i am a Landscape photographer and if you have read any of my previous posts you will know that i use photography as a way of getting away from the stresses of being a carer, (wanderings with Chris). I have been very happy looking for suitable landscapes and have thought of myself as a landscape/nature photographer BUT someone once said you should have more than one string to your bow and as i have recently found it difficult getting out with my camera i decided to have a think about what else i could do. Fortunately my daughters friends cat had kittens, i am most deffinatley a cat person so i asked if i could pop round and take some pictures of those cute little kittens. I then decided i didn’t want just any old photo, i wanted CUTE photos, so i took a huge mug, a toy picnic box and various other odds and ends. My first objective was to cuddle those little kitty’s of course ;) and once i had made friends i posed the kittens and took a handful of pictures, had another cuddle, of course, and gave them back to mum. (no kittens/cats were hurt or distressed during the cuddles, i mean shoot).

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I really enjoyed this style of photography, not just because of cute kittens but because it didn’t take me far from home, was very enjoyable and i loved the results. That got me to thinking about what else i could try and after a look around i decided i would like to do a study through the next 12 months using a hedgehog door stop my kids had given me. Introducing Mrs. Hedgie and her family.

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I take her everywhere looking for suitable situations in which to place her and plan to have enough images in 12 months to make a calender and i hope a children’s book. It should keep me out of trouble for a while and i hope prove a source of entertainment for other hedgehog lovers. Another enjoyable string to my bow and one that i hope will bring in custom to my burgeoning business.


Wouldn’t like to meet one of these without shoes on!

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Wood Scorpion

Cercophonius squama, commonly known as the forest scorpion or wood scorpion, is found over much of Australia. It is, however the species of scorpion found in Tasmania.

I opened the door the other morning to find this little fella sitting on the door step.  Photographed with the Olympus EM-10, Olympus Zuiko 60mm f2.8 macro and the Olympus FL-600R (which I’m currently testing and I’ll be writing about it and the Olympus and m4/3 flash system). Exposure 1/30 s at f/8.0 at ISO 3200 aperture priority mode with -1 stop FEC. No animals and more importantly me, were hurt in the making of this photograph.

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I had to have a giggle at this, if you ask Chris he will tell you it is so ME!

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