So what do you think? When you have taken your photograph is it still a photograph or does it become Art when you edit it? Many times i edit my photographs in Photoshop and they become something else. I start out with that raw or jpeg image and open it up, i start with the exposure if necessary, i may tweek the gamma or the colour a little and then…. there hidden behind the Image button is HDR. I love HDR, you can change a moderately ok image in to something that makes you go OH! But is it still photography or has it become Art? Here are two images, i have left one raw and the other, well you will see it is heavily edited.

Raw Image, as you can see the exposure has gone awry but the sky is full of gorgeous colours. I wanted to keep the lovely colours but ditch the dark foreground so i tried a little HDR editing.

 And this is what i ended up with.

I have lightened up the foreground and brought out the shapes in the clouds, the colour is still there but the image has gone grainy. If you look at both images they have become distinctly different. So is the second image Art or is it still a photograph?