Yesterday was a lovely hot sunny day and we spent it conversing with lots of lovely people in Coronation Park, West Kirby during the parks Fair. My husband (Chris) had persuaded me to exhibit my work at ‘Art in the Park’ and like the dutiful wife i am, (LOL) i put up what i thought were my best pieces.   One of the first people to wonder our way was the lovely George Thompson. Last year Chris and i had helped the Park raise money by selling one of Georges prints during which Chris must have met George and had a good old chin wag  (Chris does love to talk.) I on the other hand needed an introduction which Chris duly did.  One of the first things George said, along with Hello of course, was ‘are you exhibiting in the Williamson spring exhibition?’  Puzzled looks between Chris and myself and George says he thinks my art is good enough to go in it. WOW, ego buster! Chris rang them this morning, Spring exhibition is already decided but they are sending me details of the next two.  We had a right old chat with the lovely George and with many other people, they all commented on this and that, i now know which images are favored and will work my next exhibition around them. Which incidentally is in the library at West Kirby Concourse from the 18th June to 23rd June.  Nearly everybody had a kind word to say, some people just looked and walked away as is their right, its the kind words that count as they mean the most. Two ladies asked  me to supply specific images so i guess they are commissions of a sort but most of all, the best thing i got out of the experience was, my pictures dont SUCK!

Thanks goes to Jon Hall @ VIZZIVO,  for the photograph of Chris and myself in the park. You can find Jon on facebook at