Autumn, not here yet but on its way.

I stole Chris away from his writing again on Sunday and took him off in the quest to find autumn. We have come to the conclusion that its late, going to be wishy washy green and gold with only a hint of red. So i am just going to have to keep my eyes open, my camera ready and shoot everything that takes my eye in my quest to find the beautiful colours of autumn.

We went up to Thermopylae Pass  Birkenhead, the house and land was owned by the Vyner family, for some reason they later moved the house to Royden Park, then we went on to Bidston Hill. We had incredible light on Sunday, there was a light or not so light mist in places and as the sun burnt it off it created these amazing shafts of light and if you caught it at the right angle, well it looks amazing.  I am happy with the photos i got out of this trip plus i really enjoyed the time out with Chris and no children! but i am still looking for the image i have in my head. I hope i get it this year, if not then it will just have to be filed away for the future.

8 thoughts on “Autumn, not here yet but on its way.

  1. You have just reminded me of a cluster of mushrooms that I saved from the
    mower. I didn’t get a chance to photograph them yet…and then ‘Sandy’ came and there is no light. It has been a few grey days. Thankfully we haven’t had an issues, but know a of a few folks that do. One of these days I’ll have to figure out how to put up my own photos. I really like the use of light in this group.

      1. One of these days I’ll figure it out. Hopefully sooner than later. But I missed those particular mushrooms. I wrote about them with these tau ku and pi ku forms on my post for today (11/3/12).

        I have a dinosaur Olympus digital. But so far it gets me where I want to go. Now I just have to figure out the computer transfer aspects. As I’m not great in computer-speak. One day. 🙂

        I’m still flummoxed about getting the card into the reader to transfer them into the picassa program. I’m not great with ‘thumb drives’ either. I just don’t understand what the computer is asking me to do. My hubby works with computers but doesn’t necessarily want to repeatedly show me what to do. He wants a break from electronics when he gets home. 🙂

        Cheers. Jules

      2. Well we all have our talents and those things that we ‘just cant do’ i think some just have their brains hard wired to all things techy. I know i am much better at practical things than my husband Chris but he writes better. Just keep hacking at it and one day it will ‘stick’. Luck to you.

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