The beginning of 2012 seemed to go really slowly, with the months just coasting along, then………….. the summer holidays happened and after maybe not the driest of summers, well the rest of the year seemed to flash past until we were at Christmas and New Year. Apart from the year going at two different speeds, there are memorable, sad, deliriously happy and very emotional things that have happened to my family. Memorable for starting my photographic journey, selling my photographs and winning my first award. For my eldest son’s first relationship which has also brought sadness as he has the girlfriend from hell, (and no that’s not just a mother talking.) The death of my best friends grandmother, ‘nanny Midge’ as she was affectionately called was my sudogran from the age of 11, she was well into her late 80’s when she died, she was a beautiful person inside and out and we all miss her. My family had an amazing summer visiting family and generally reconnecting with each other during an alternating blistering hot and soggy summer camping. We visited some amazing places and had some really fun times. My favorite Aunt died, she was 89 years old, a mother of 6, who even though she was in an abusive relationship, stayed with her husband until his death. She raised 5 sons and a daughter with very little money and i have a bunch of really great cousins thanks to her. My husband Chris has been poorly for the past few years, he had managed to go back to work before being incapacitated by very bad neurological pain in his head and face, so we are just about surviving with the help of family, hopefully his consultant will have some good news at the end of the month. Our parents have all been ill, with my mum being diagnosed with cancer and starting treatment this week. Things could look bleak but we are looking at life with a positive attitude and looking forward to all 2013 throws at us, as the say ‘bring it on’ we will not be broken! My family will laugh and love together no matter what, there is bound to be tears, there always are but we have each other and we will survive. So here is 2012 in pictures.

more to follow;