Red squirrels at Formby

Last week Chris and I went to Formby to see the Red Squirrels. It was pretty quiet in the woods with only a few people walking around but we decided that the best thing to do would be to go off the path and into the trees. We were really lucky and saw eight of the little critters, they were very fast up in the trees but i managed to capture a couple of squirrels at a feeding station.

We then went down to the beach and walked along the tide line, the sun was shining and the day was warm. We found some lovely shells and got some great shots of the sea.

We enjoyed ourselves that much we vowed to return with our children during half term!

We went home tired, sandy and with a bag full of shells that i hope we can use to decorate something for our home but most of all we went home with happy children, who had walked for miles and had the benefit of great fresh air and sunshine, even if they initially didnt want to go. 🙂

5 thoughts on “Red squirrels at Formby

  1. Great story and photos. You’re talking red squirrels and not chipmunks right? Just thought I’d mention that we have white squirrels in Ontario. There is a town, Exeter, known for them. And near a huge psychiatric
    institution in downtown Toronto, a few of them live in the park. Quite a surprise to see them. When you tell people they live near ’99 Queen’ they think you are pulling their leg.

    1. Yes Steve, squirrels. We also have black ones too but i haven’t seen any of those yet. White ones sound great though they would be hard to camouflage wouldn’t they? he reds blend with the tree trunks and can be hard to see.

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