Wanderings with Chris. Northwich woodlands

In January our wanderings took us to the woodlands in Northwich. We had decided to go to the  Anderton Boat Lift (http://www.andertonboatlift.co.uk/) which was of course, closed.  So we got back in the car and drove a bit further and discovered Northwich woodlands. (http://www.northwichwoodlands.org.uk/visitus/walks.shtml)                                                                                                                                                                                           We drove into Marbury Hall and Parklands and prepared for a hike. (http://www.marburyhall.com/) We arrived in time to see a group of teens start their PE lesson, it looked like orienteering, here were we clad in jeans, hiking boots, fleeces and coats and there they were in their shorts and t shirts. Brrrrr. We wandered down the main path, through the mud, down to the lake, through the mud,  around the lake and back up through the woods. We stopped off at a bird hide and watched the tits, finches and robins at the feeders, we followed a small stream to the canal and walked through a field which i presume held sheep at one point, (i wonder why….. dodging the poo, dodging the poo) and back to the car. It took us a good couple of hours and we were rather grateful to have stopped off for lunch first at a lovely little cafe by the canal called ‘The Moorings’ where they serve the best coffee i have tasted.                                                       Because of the wet weather, we have had a lot of rain, there was a lot of moss, it covered most things, i think if you sat down for too long you would be covered quite quickly, so i was able to take quite a few photos of mossy things, i like moss, i like the texture and colour and it grows in some amazing places. There was some pretty decent fungus too, is it strange to like these things?


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