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So it’s been a great birthday so far. First the roofing company showed up at 7:00 (yes, A.M.) to replace the roof.

Zoey the Cool Cat is not too pleased with all the people walking on the roof, pounding, debris raining down from above scaring her mourning doves away……

Then Jim and I left the little queen all alone while we went out to Cleveland National Forest to see the snow.

As soon as we get back, we have a 5.2 earthquake. Nothing significant as far as we Californians are concerned….

There wasn’t as much snow in the mountains as I was led to believe but I got a few good pictures of which this one is my favorite:

Snow panorama

It looks so serene, quite, peaceful, restful…. I’ll leave it for you to come up with some more synonyms. It was cold, however. How people actually live in areas where there…

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