The photo below has been chosen by the Williamson for it’s Spring exhibition, this is my first entry into this competition, so fingers crossed.

The exhibition will be on show at the gallery from March 23 to May 5.

For information, call 0151-652 4177.


Last night we went to the opening of the exhibition amid a huge snow storm. I must have been out of my mind 😉 driving through it. However we had a lovely time, saw my work admired by other creatives, looked at some great art  and met a few people we knew, lots that we didnt. The drive home was a complete nightmare, with roads closed or impassable due to vehicles stuck in the road and at one point i thought it would be me! Thank heavens we always carry a blanket in the back, it helped with traction going back up a hill. (gulp) So know we wait for the exhibition to open to the public and hope that some nice kind person buys my work. It was kind of worth it but the snow kind of took the edge off it a little, roll on next exhibition!