Well it is St. Georges day on April 23rd, in the Scout movement we celebrate the life of St George on the closest Sunday to the 23rd which happens to be this Sunday. We gathered together in the heart of West Kirby and paraded down through the town, each section breaking off to go to one of three churches in the town centre. And didn’t it just rain! Last year was glorious sunshine, this year predictably rain. Still i think we all enjoyed ourselves, this year i was with our scout troop, i would normally be with my beaver colony but i have been helping out at scouts while we train a new scout leader, it was nice to join the scouts and see how their service differs from the beavers. We had a great band marching with us, from Moreton, my nieces play in it and its nice to think they are celebrating with us too. Why do we celebrate St Georges day then? Well St George is the patron Saint of scouts and of England, he is the patron saint of many things including farm workers, soldiers, archers, saddler’s, and is the patron saint of Germany, Moscow and Portugal to name a few. Baden Powell chose St. George as our patron as he thought he epitomised the qualities of selflessness and both moral and physical courage which are among the aims of Scouting. Today we celebrated together and renewed our scout promise together, what will you do to celebrate?