Mark Simms Photography

The Brough of Birsay is a tidal island off the northwest coast of Orkney’s mainland. When the tide is right it is accessible by a narrow slippery causeway, for the rest of the time it is totally isolated. There is evidence of both Norse (Viking) and Pictish settlement on the Island, no doubt attracted by the easily defendable nature of the site.

We visited twice whilst we were there, just walking on the beach, searching for sea shells and being mesmerised by the North Atlantic waves rolling in and crashing against the rocks. It is a beautiful and dramatic spot.


Just a quick note on the shot of the Common Seal (or at least I think it’s a Common Seal, it could be a Grey Seal instead). I’m not that pleased with this image, I was a little too far away for my 70-200mm lens and as a result…

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