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How I Did It

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It wasn’t until two years ago that I became interested in taking pictures of fireworks. Fireworks and portraits were about the only things missing from my vast collection of photographs.

Eric CooperIn April 2011 I hired Eric Cooper to help me catalog my photo collection and put Russel Ray Photos on SmugMug, Fine Art America, Facebook, and the place where I was blogging at the time. I had over 55,000 photos and about 500 more arriving every day. I couldn’t keep up, much less catch up or even get ahead.

Eric had been unemployed for six months after the portrait studio that he had worked at for six years closed down when the owner retired. Eric had a huge collection of fireworks pictures and had asked Jim and me if we wanted to go watch the 2011 Fourth of July fireworks with he and his girlfriend. We said yes. Those were…

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