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A Piece Missing

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My wise old grandmother taught me to add some laughter to my life each day.

Sometimes it’s impossible to quit laughing.

Here are some funnies that have been collecting dust on one of my bookshelves:

  1. Keeping secrets
    Antonio, age 99, filed for divorce in December 2012 from his wife, Rosa, age 96. They had been married for 77 years. Apparently, Antonio became upset when he found letters from Rosa’s affair. The letters and affair were from fifty years ago.
  2. Is it the water?
    Desmond Hatchett of Knoxville, Tennessee, said to be a serial impregnator, has fathered at least 24 children by at least 11 women. However, he is not Tennessee’s most prolific serial impregnator. Terry Turnage of Memphis has 23 children by 13 women, and Richard Colbert, also from Memphis, has 25 children with 18 women.
  3. Our representatives are better than your representatives
    The approval rating of the United States…

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