Whenever I shoot images, I always have a number that are not the traditionally “pretty” pictures.  These images speak to me because of their forms, textures, angles or colors.  Abstract pictures are everywhere.  Look closely.  Don’t make judgments about what you see.  You may be the only one that ever saw this particular object in this particular way.


Ron Bigelow who frequently writes about photography says that abstract photography doesn’t rely on image detail, so that when we view an abstract photo, our “reaction is more instinctual.”  I know what he means. Many of the abstract images I’ve photographed were shot intuitively. Whether it’s a pattern that repeats, or a color that pops, my eye is engaged and the shutter clicks.

Bigelow suggests that our responses to curves and shapes are  “…hard wired into the human perceptual system.”


I love the symmetry of the above picture and the repetitive pattern of…

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