Early Thursday Morning Rant!

Nature Photography

DSCN2882-adjusted-4x6I recently read a blog post on How to Photograph a Sunrise by Christina N Dickson in which she offers several tips such as:

1-Arive Early
2-Shoot in (TV) setting for 20 seconds
3-Set the White balance to Shade to warm up the cool tones
4-Shoot in RAW

All good ideas. However one reader took exception the the post pointing out that by doing that there were two steps – photography, and post production work.. He then went on to say that if a photograph is taken with the idea there will be post production work, then the art of photography is cheapened!

Someone save us from this kind of want-a-be photographer.

As I have written before, there is no such thing as a “pure” photograph. No camera can capture an image that is totally the way it was seen at one particular moment in time. Let me list just…

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