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“Signs,” Tesla, 1990
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see my previous post for the original)

Pictures copyright 2012 Russel Ray Photos

People warned me when I started teaching chess at after-school enrichment programs that I probably would get sick. I thought they meant sick of chess, or sick of children. I didn’t knew they meant physically sick………………

So while I’ve been fighting getting really, really sick, I’ve been following the world chess championship between Viswanathan Anand (current champion from India, age 43) and Magnus Carlsen (challenger from Norway, age 22). I’m a big fan of Magnus Carlsen’s style of play. I got up early this morning to watch the match on live streaming Internet video. How cool was that!

The match is 12 games, and the first person to 6½ points wins the championship. Carlsen won today’s game in stunning fashion (but typical for Carlsen) and is up 6…

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