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Yesterday’s post about Lt. Col. Charles J. Scharf started out as a simple post about The Freedom Tree on the campus of San Diego State University. It turned into a much more extensive post about Lt. Col. Scharf.

As I began my research on Lt. Col. Scharf, I turned to Google, of course. Simply entering Lt. Col. Charles J. S immediately brought up Scharf’s name, and a click took me to the POW Network.

I finished the post, published it, and then went to read it on my proofreading computer.

Zoey the Cool Cat using a Photoshop CS6 filterChange your environment!
If you work mainly on one computer, when you go to proofread, go to a different room or a different computer, or put a cat on your desk. Anything to change your environment.  The newness in your environment will help you proofread better. You could also ask someone else to proofread. …

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