Colour splash Effect in Photoshop CC

I had the idea for an image that was nagging me, so on Saturday while it was lovely and sunny i dragged Chris out to Willaston to go and photograph the old train station. I ended up with 70 odd images hoping one would be ‘the one’. Today, after i pried my laptop from my daughters pre-teen fingers, i decided to tackle my idea. Then realised i didn’t have any idea how to go about it. I visited my favorite ‘how to’ blog (thanks Russel Ray) but couldn’t find what i wanted there so ventured onto youtube and found it first time! flyingicestudios. So after a try or three i finally managed to figure it out and after three hours managed to come up with this image.
red phone box on the station platform
This is how it started life.
Willaston train station red phone box
Which one do you favour? I like both but am particularly please with the black and white one and with myself for achieving it!

12 thoughts on “Colour splash Effect in Photoshop CC

  1. I´d go for the colour one. Although if you´d made the sky more dramatic in the B/W it might have tipped the ballance for me!

  2. I agree with Charles – sort of :-)… I like the B/W one, but it would be a lot better if you worked on your tonal quality – a bit drab for a B&W.


  3. I agree that I favor the colored one. Looking at the colored one, my focus is completely drawn in by way of the r.r. tracks, taking me on a “journey” passing the wonderful phone booth and building. Observing the B&W, the only thing I see is the phone book and sign, losing the “story” if meant to be told. I do love Black and Whites though!

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