Taking a Photograph From Drab to Fab

Karen Joslin

Recently, I’ve been going through my older photo files, and I’ve found a number of images that I didn’t quite know what to do with at the time but that have enough potential to revisit. Here’s how I revamped one of my cemetery photos that I worked on earlier, yet was never really happy with. My revamp began with the PSD file I had already done; however, here’s what the initial RAW file looked like:

RAW file of "Pointing Angel" RAW file of “Pointing Angel”

The exposure is okay, although the statue’s face is way too dark. I like the puffy clouds, so I wouldn’t want to up the overall exposure and blow them out. Normally, I don’t retouch cemetery images much, but the tree tops at the bottom of the frame are distracting and don’t add any interest. And while I really wanted some vivid blue sky showing through, haziness makes it pretty dull. So…

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