I blog in my head, do you?

Everyone leads such busy lives these days, modern living with all of it’s conveniences doesn’t give us any extra time to enjoy leisure time. I find i write blog posts in my head while driving or shopping because that’s when my mind is free to wander. Today i’m writing my blog post on my computer because its nearly #BlackFriday and i am offering 15% off framed prints on my FAA website

Jaguar steering wheel
Jaguar steering wheel

With this code
Happy shopping means a full cart at karen-lawrence.artistwebsites.com

8 thoughts on “I blog in my head, do you?

  1. I also blog in my head. Especially before falling asleep, when I have the best ideas: I promise myself that I will remember them the next morning, which, as you can imagine never happens. I can’t even remember what I had yesterday for lunch!

    1. And Nicholas are they not THE best blog posts, the one’s that will get people flocking to your blog and talking about what you write! It’s a shame we dont have a way of wireless thought transfer to our computers then we would never forget a post ever again. 😉

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