Happy Spring Solstice!

Finally, We can now say we are headed towards summer, Happy Spring Solstice everyone. I am so looking forward to lighter nights, sunny days and warmth. Get the shorts out, go on a diet, get a tan line, woop woop!

Look what Google marked the solstice with, yes a Hedgehog.Its so cute.

I’ve spent the solstice putting new work onto my website I was supposed to be walking the dog but im sure Storm wont mind waiting until tomorrow for his long walk, he gets a long walk once a week the rest of the time he gets around 20 minutes and plenty of play which is more than enough. (Storm is an Alaskan Malamute, we thing he’s around 6/7 years old, we are his forever home after being through 6 homes in 5 years)

Cheeky half hour on Mum’s bed

Have a cheeky check on my Instagram, I’ve added new work there too, playing around with Polaroid film, my favorite!

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