I do not profess to being a ‘photographer’ but i do ‘love’ to take photographs, so i suppose it does in a way ‘make’ me a photographer. This blog is a way for me to showcase my pictures and to let people all over the world see a little bit of the world that i live in. The Wirral is a beautiful county with many fabulous places to photograph. It has a lot of history, from Sir Admiral Lord Nelson to the local Scout group breaking the world wobble board record (which has subsequently been broken). I doubt very much that i will live any where else. So why do i take photographs? It all comes down to my Art teacher Mr. Macdonald (Mr. Mac) who  in senior school  persuaded my Mum that i COULD draw. I then went on to Art college and studied foundation Art, Graphic Design and Interior Design. In foundation Art i developed my photographic skills on a Pentax K1000 camera, developing my own black and white film, which is where i fell in love with black and white photography. Over the years i have picked up and put down several cameras including my Dad’s old Ilford, a Zenith TTL, a Canon, a Nikon D60, a Nikon D3100 and now a Nikon D7000. I am sure there will be more camera’s in my history but just at the moment the Nikon is the camera of choice.  So how long do i think this stage will last for? Well i have no idea but i am living for the moment and for the next great shot. I hope you take the time to look through what is here, if you like it please leave a comment. You can purchase my work on FineArtAmerica; karen-lawrence.artistwebsites.com  I hope to see you again and again, see you soon.  Karen x