Poverty is a State of Mind

Is it Morally Unacceptable to be Poor?

To whom is it morally unacceptable to be poor, to be made poor, to be kept poor and why don’t we do something about it? Is it morally unacceptable to the person who is forced into poverty by a system that the government has implemented, one that can have only one outcome. Bereavement, unfortunately, comes to us all at some point. When it is your partner taken from you it is an extremely heavy burden to bear. Add on top of that burden the minefield you must face when you notify the appropriate agency’s that your circumstances have changed. Now not only do you have to cope with the emotions bereavement brings but you also have to deal with those that occur when you have your benefits stopped so they can be adjusted accordingly. Reapplying for your benefit, not being told or being incorrectly told about benefits you should be receiving and the wait while your money is calculated and adjusted and applied is just another burden to bear. Why, when it is a human right to grieve, do we have to be put through such processes? Is it another way the elite keep us down, do they not realise or care or is it just something done because they think less of those living in the poverty that has been forced on them.

Is it morally unacceptable to be poor to the majority of the country, the middle income man and what can we do about it.

Vote the government out? But who would we replace them with? Look at the other parties, Labour, the Greens, LibDems, they are mostly populated by the upper class. How many people actually vote? Voter apathy and how votes are counted help this government keep its seat. Those living in deprived areas vote infrequently as they feel that they are never listened to. There is also the person that votes for the same party each election, they wouldn’t think of changing. In these times, in my opinion, people are so scared of loosing what income they have, what things they have, that they are frightened of ‘rocking the boat’ in case they rock too hard and they loose too much and become on of the poor. But is it morally right that they do nothing to help those in need. Even if it is just helping to high light the plight of people living in extreme conditions. Or should they stand up and dip their toe into their countries politics and try and find others like themselves, join forces and create a group of people capable of usurping the government, capable of working with each other and some how fixing what has been done to the benefits system and helping those who need the most help. Or is it morally unacceptable to the elite, the top 5% of the countries wealthy who inveigle their way into government and think they can tell those beneath them that it is okay for so many people to live in the horrid conditions they are forced to live in. Maybe in a naive way i think it is morally unacceptable for anyone, be it a Lord or single parent on benefit, to allow a system to work in the favor of those with money rather than help those in the most need. In an ideal world everyone would help each other by not allowing poverty to exist. By voting for a government that is not hell bent on rewarding heir cronies and stomping on those who are not deemed worthy enough. By having a voice that is loud enough to be heard saying ‘treat these families living in enforced poverty with more respect’. But to do that you have to be strong enough to care and strong enough to be able to want to do something about it and very few people have that strength at the moment due to the consequences of the actions of the present government and its draconian policies. Until we are able to right these wrongs morals will just have to wait.

Does It feel like you live in poverty?

Going from long term employment to claiming benefitsshoes, holes,floor, paper, job search, job center, forms, chair,. After all you paid taxes when you worked so you can get help when you need it, cant you? But the benefit system has changed. The government no longer wants to help those who need to claim. You are now called work shy and are treated as if you are lazy and refuse to work. You are talked down to at the job center, made to feel ashamed. Do this, that and the other, fill this in, search the internet, write down everything you do when you job search, oh and you must do it every day because if you don’t we will sanction you. Stop the money to the family of the man who has worked all of his adult life, who was made redundant because of government cut backs. You have used your safety net, saved over the years when you could, now you end up having to ask family members and friends for help as its expected of you to do so. No money, no food, no heat, kids eat first, mum and dad go without. food bank, trolly, donation, supermarket, food, drink, Food banks help but you have to go to the very job center who sanctioned you to get the voucher. Do you look like you live in poverty? You still have a car, your nice clothes and jewellery. Sitting on your leather sofa you watch the news on the 50 inch flat screen tv you bought when you worked. Your kids have their xbox or playstation and your house still looks modern and well kept. Do you live in poverty?

Having worked all of your adult life, paying taxes and national insurance you managed your life well and you lived up to the same standards as the other families in your street. Holidays, child care, savings, all of the material goods that matter like computers, washing machines, tv’s and you fit in, you were happy with the way you lived. Now with your job gone and fed up with the ‘hows the job search going’ you no longer chat to those next door fearing what they might say next. They started with the pitying looks but it quickly turned to your feckless, work shy, lazy, go get a job sponger. Which just makes you feel worthless degraded, stressed and fearful of the prejudice of others. You are left in despair, do you sell your car? How will you get to your job interviews? Will you have to sell the dvd collection or the xbox and games all bought with your hard earned wages, how does that effect the kids? And you try and try to do what the job center tells you to do fearful of being sanctioned. Re-training you find a job, thankfully not on a zero hour contract but its minimum wage and you just about manage to make it stretch. You can get tax credits now and that helps but there are still no holidays and you cant change your car or tv for the new model or upgrade your computer. You make do and mend now but at least you have a job. Do you live in poverty?

When you look around at how other people live do you wonder if they too are living in poverty? You are told you need to earn at least £25.000 a year to live to an adequate standard. With the best will in the world you just cant earn that amount and your told anyone earning under that is living in poverty but perhaps it is poverty as a state of mind, just like the government say. You cant drag yourself out of it because there is no where to go and the next generation, your oldest child, is leaving school with no qualifications because the teachers didn’t teach, teachers are loosing the will to impart information because they are bogged down in form filling, note writing, lesson planning. Your child cant find his first job, there are too many zero hour contracts out there, they cant get into college as their qualifications are too poor and they enter the world of benefits and sanctions. Their mental health suffer, if you are told you are a deadbeat too many times you start to believe it. They cant find a descent place to live so they live in a cheap one room bedsit. Its mouldy, cold and damp, that winter they get pneumonia and become too ill to job search and are sanctioned and the cycle of poverty continues on and on through the generations. It becomes the norm, low pay, part time work, low prospects and job insecurity. You become in your mind a burden, fearful of being stigmatised for not being able to drag yourself up a level in the work place, you feel ostracised and degraded, does this make you want to better yourself or does it in the end become a form of poverty in itself? Where does that leave our country? When there are no skilled workers to produce the items for export. Does our first world country become a third world country or is it already happening?

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