A Blog is Born


I’m wondering what my blog should be called, we all need a name.

Look at your life, what do you do? I’m a mum, wife, daughter, carer, would be traveler and frustrated artist. I’m also a menopausal 50 something with a total hip replacement and health issues. Maybe that’s my ‘hook’. Letting people know what its going to be like when THEY hit the menopause and are trying to take photos through a view finder that has suddenly fogged up because your having another hot flush. What I do to combat the sweat, perspiration thank you, how I, well you get my drift. What kit I use and why and what the heck lets throw in diet too.

You need a name for your blog too, might as well be something to do with your story, so how about ‘the menopausal photographer’, says exactly what I am. And a blog is born!


Posting in the form of a story.

Do you story tell? It really is something you should think about. Is your story from the heart and interesting, will it strike a cord in other peoples heart or lives?

But what will your story be about?

I have an interest in photography, have had ever since I went to art college. I had one of those tutors that was kind of a hippy I guess you would call him, very into the beautiful young students but happy to help everyone and share his knowledge.

I learnt my photography on a Pentax K1000 and Ilford film and darkroom techniques from wonderful technicians. My first camera was a Zenith TTL which was so heavy and robust you could drop it from a height and it would still work.

However I was never ‘good enough’ at the technical side so I kept my photography as a hobby which eventually died a death. It wasn’t until I borrowed a Canon D60 from a friend that I finally ‘got back into’ my hobby some 20 odd years later. And now here I am wondering what the hook is going to be for my new photography blog.

I’m getting my head around my Social Profile

I’m seriously starting with the whole social media and blog thing again as I think it will benefit , well hoping it will benefit, with photography sales and affiliation from the products I use. Deciding on how to do it as i’m totally out of my depth is another thing. I have watched webinars, they hook you with the ‘free’ webinar on how to make money from … then hit you for $497 reduced to $97 for the next 2 hours. COME ON, this is how they make their money.

It makes sense to syndicate your social media accounts, use Hootsuite or one of the others, set a page up in a file on your computer for blog posts as they come to you then put them on Hootsuite and post them religiously every day. It cant be THAT hard can it? I’m giving it a go hoping its as easy as other people make it look, wish me Luck!