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Interesting Photo of the Day: Very Close Encounter with a Massive Minke Whale – PictureCorrect.

I had a blond moment last night. Well there is some blond left amongst the white my children have added. I traded my Nikon D3100 in for a Nikon D7000, BIG jump! The book is thick enough to prop a coffee table on and long enough to send you to sleep and will be helpful in the long run but i thought i would go out down to West Kirby marine lake and have a play. We had a glorious day yeserday and there were sailing boats on the lake zipping backwards and forwards as the sunset. Picture this, a beautiful golden sun slipping down behind Hilbre island shining a golden path across the lake where the little sailing boats zipped backwards and forwards through its golden path playfully racing each other to the finishing line and as the sun dips behind the island the boats head for shore and i stop taking really great photos and have a look at the images on the memory card………only to find, well actually there was no memory card. Oh the shame, i had forgotten in my excitment to look and it was still in my card reader from last time. I DID take a couple of shots but nothing as good as what could have been, i am going back tonight if i have a chance and i hope the sail boats will be there again. Note to self, check EVERYHING first!
Here’s one from my back catalogue!

The Wilson Trophy was held in West Kirby, Wirral last weekend. The weather was fabulous, though a little blustery but i didn’t let that put me off, so i headed down to the  Marine Lake with my camera (a Nikon D60 if your interested) to see what i could capture. There were many people there to cheer on those intrepid sailors who were competing in this auspicious competition and i was lucky enough to find several good spots to capture the incredible skills of the competitors.

These are a sample of the images i have taken, all the images are for sale as an unframed print only, message me for  prices if you are interested. More images can be found on my Flickr photostream.  http://www.flickr.com/photos/klawrenceuk/

The Wilson Trophy 2012 winner was West Kirby Hawks, a home win. Well done the Hawks.

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