9 Reasons to let a Cat into your life

9 Reasons to let a Cat into your life, do we need 9 reasons? If you are a cat lover and you own a cat then you already know about the benefits of such a friendship but if you dont have a furry feline friend then perhaps you need to read on.

We live in a very stressful time at the moment and we all have different ways of dealing with that stress but for me the best way to relax and shut off my mind is with my feline friend. So the 1st reason for letting that cute ball of fluff into your life is; Therapy, there is just something so therapeutic in sitting somewhere quiet and gently stroking the soft downy fur of a kitten.

Kitten Love

2 They give comfort to you just by lying there and being stroked. Whether they have long fur or short being allowed to pet your pet, just being allowed to hold another living body brings enormous comfort.

3 We all know that when you pet your cat they reward you with their rumbling purr but how do they create the sound? Your cats’ muscles move their vocal cords as they breathe in and out, air hits the vibrating muscles which creates the purring, you know your doing a great job when you hear that rumble. Stroking your cat gives comfort to you both. Domestic cats are not the only cat to have a purr, Cougars and Cheetahs also purr, they are the only wild cats that have the ability, the bigger cats roar instead. Did you know Elephants purr too?

4 Whether you friend is sitting on your knee or on the sofa by your side it is remarkably easy to let your mind wander while your fingers slowly move through their silky fur. Drifting in a flurry of malting loose fur you are free to daydream of the days before lint rollers, of the days when wearing black trousers didn’t mean carrying that lint roller around with you where ever you went, the days when black meant black not black and lots and lots of individual strands of fur that stick to you like glue and wont come off. But a good reason for me to have a cat is the opportunity it allows me to daydream.

5 We all have someone to care for at some time, be it a parent, sibling, partner or child but having a cat to care for is a whole other ball game. We are ALLOWED to care for our cat because THEY own YOU, we may think the opposite but we are reminded most stridently at meal times when that normally quiet, calm and collected fluff ball unlocks their voice and fiercely demands to be fed, right now! Having a cat to care for is, in my opinion, one of the easier things in life, having seen to his or her’s every need, pet them, brushed them to get rid of all those pesky loose hairs, and having been allowed to use them for your own form of therapy, they show you how much they need you by waltzing out tail up, nose in the air off to find their own adventure without a care in the world. I’m sure that if they had opposable thumb’s they would open their food pouches themselves and order their own toys from the pet shop. Having a cat to care for, who waits for you to come home and greets you at the door, weaving in between your feet as you try to carry your bags into the kitchen, gives you something to come home to and a reason to care about going home.

6 Whether your cat is a timid little kitten or a battle scared rescue your cat will love you. Every time the treats come out, your cat will love you, open the tin of salmon for your dinner, yep, your cat will love you and they will show that love with their loud purr, their rubbing between your legs, their head bops as you try to get your fork to your mouth without that sneaky paw stealing your dinner, by sitting on your knee and offering their belly for a rub that they know will end up with your hand being savaged by their needle sharp claws and teeth. Your cat will show you their love in so many different ways and that is an important reason to be owned by a cat, they love, well i was going to say unconditionally but i know that’s not right, they love and that is all that matters.

Reasons 7, 8 and 9, they are fun, watching their antics as they chase the tiniest fly around your living room, jumping over you and your furniture and bounding across the window ledge until they have caught it and you can’t help but laugh at them, after, you have picked up everything they have knocked off the table and sideboard first. Their play is unselfishly shared with you or you are their plaything. There is so much fun to be had batting a tinkling plastic ball around the floor, once it’s been found under the couch, of throwing a catnip laced mouse at them just to see them rolling around with their face buried in it getting high, of fluttering the feathery string keeping it just out of their reach until you allow them that last death leap before they are on it and ripping and shredding and down right killing what ever is on the end of it. And they make you heart soar and ache with love for them. When you hold them in your hand for the first time as a kitten and you melt into a puddle of mush, when they purr for the first time for you, when they meet you at the front door after a difficult day, when they are ill and you worry for them and when they die because they are old and you took such good care for them.

I’m sure there are plenty of reasons not to have a cat in your life but i am equally sure there are plenty more reasons than these to let a cat become part of your family. There are so many unwanted cats today, with owners not neutering or spaying their pet, with cats living wild or feral. It is up to us as responsible pet owners to make sure our pets dont continue to produce litters of kittens we cant re-home and to go to shelters to find our new friend, below are links to several UK cat adoption sites. Adopt dont breed!

https://www.cats.org.uk/adopt-a-cat https://www.bluecross.org.uk/rehome/cat https://www.rspca.org.uk/findapet/rehomeapet/process

In loving memory of all the cats that came before and for Hobi who i miss very much.