Dear John……….

A letter to a much loved friend.

My dear, you have been one of the constants in my life for many years, i’m not really sure exactly how long ago we met but it was, on my side, love at first, no make that second, sight. There was another but they were out of my league, then I saw you.

You fulfilled me, empowered me, gave me a reason to be the best me. I can remember the first day we met, the excitement of taking you home to meet my family, of being alone with you and learning everything about you. We had fun times you and I, things went so fast between us, memories were filled, replaced and filled again, I could do things with you i’d never done before and there was no one to judge. I felt so enabled, you helped me produce some of my best work, you were my muse.

I know you remember the trips that were taken to the beautiful countryside and the city’s, to the mountains and the stately homes, you store them in your memory better than I, that’s why I rely on you so much to remember but I have come to realise how much you struggle now. It hurts to see you slowing down, I wait for you to catch me up and its taking longer each passing day but I wait and hope.

Your end of life diagnosis was such a shock to us both and I have nursed you through, I have removed as much of the outside interference as I dare but no one can live without a heart and yours has just about given up on me now. There will be no more laughing at silly youtube cat videos together, no more reminiscing over holidays and days out, the best we can do together is read and write the odd blog post. I will miss you when you have gone, you gave me the taste for a better life, you were there whenever I needed you and you worked hard to ensure I had what I needed when I needed it the most.

How will I ever replace you, you were so smart, you look amazing, you can still get into positions I can’t dream of but I cant replace your heart, so my dear, I am replacing you! It will be so very hard to let you go as I have loved working and playing with you over so many years but it really is over between us, I must move on. I cant turn back time to when we first met but someone else can and I believe you will live on in another life giving enjoyment to another person and I will have another love a love that is faster, remembers more and has so many capabilities, my dear you are being replaced by a Ryzen 9 heart with a Nvidea Geforce RTX 3050 graphics card and an MSI MAG B550 Tomahawk motherboard with so much power that we will soar high!

Goodbye my dear, I hope you will live a fulfilling life with another, maybe I will remember you but you know how bad my memory is ………………