Quiet Time

Something happened this week and i just didn’t have anything to post, im not a naturally gregarious person to start with so me and talking dont really go hand in hand. I have been artistically busy though, i stumbled upon a video series on painting and drawing leaves just by using numbers which was fun. The article is called ‘Colour Play’ by Este McLeod I had a lot of fun with free form drawing and using the numbers to create leaves coming up with a rough bunch of leaves with some flowers in, much to my surprise. I haven’t picked up a pencil or a paint brush to draw or paint in so many years and got quite a kick out of it.

I also, finally, got my camera out, went for a walk and picked some flowers (from where they wouldn’t be missed) and set up out in the garden to do some natural light photographs. That really got my mind going and some 200 images later i may have one i like! I wanted to find and incorporate a LadyBird into my pictures but for the life of me i could not find one which i found very strange as the weeks before we had loads in the garden, weird! Head over to my instagram page to see a few of the images i took.

Experimenting with light

I had a little idea that grew, what would it look like using a timed exposure, in the dark, dancing with light sabers and torches? We asked the kids if they would allow us to lend their toys 😉 then we asked them if they would like to wave them around in the dark madly, of course they said yes 🙂 then i took photos of them and they did turn out ok.

_DSC0002 _DSC0004






Then i wondered what it would look like if we filmed it. So i got in touch with a guy i know who is experienced in film, i told him what i wanted to do and he was very interested. We got together and if you click on the video below, this is what we came up with. Yes its rough and we need to work on technique etc but i think we have a starting point and we do intend to take it as far as it will go.

Thanks to Kevan R Craft for all of his help. https://www.facebook.com/kevan.craft