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Digital Blending methods by Jimmy McIntyre
follow the link below to several great tutorials using digital blending to create sharp, dynamic and natural images.

I remember doing this at art college, it was a great time!

Do You Know the Darkroom Origins of Photoshop? – PictureCorrect.

How To Quickly Watermark Your Photos in Photoshop – PictureCorrect.

How to Create Simple but Beautiful Borders in Photoshop | DesignEasy.

How to Add Texture to Images in Photoshop – PictureCorrect.

I had the idea for an image that was nagging me, so on Saturday while it was lovely and sunny i dragged Chris out to Willaston to go and photograph the old train station. I ended up with 70 odd images hoping one would be ‘the one’. Today, after i pried my laptop from my daughters pre-teen fingers, i decided to tackle my idea. Then realised i didn’t have any idea how to go about it. I visited my favorite ‘how to’ blog (thanks Russel Ray) but couldn’t find what i wanted there so ventured onto youtube and found it first time! http://youtu.be/AvKXaCXZKWs flyingicestudios. So after a try or three i finally managed to figure it out and after three hours managed to come up with this image.
red phone box on the station platform
This is how it started life.
Willaston train station red phone box
Which one do you favour? I like both but am particularly please with the black and white one and with myself for achieving it!

Thanks DPS, light painting with photoshop, when will i find time to have a go at this? Soon i hope, looks really exciting!

Thanks DPS for ANOTHER technique to use 🙂


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So we have had the longest day and it is getting darker earlier as we head into winter. Did i get my ultimate autumnal photograph? Well in a word NO! I have looked and looked, there have been some beautiful trees here on the Wirral but they were in totally the wrong places. I would drive along the road and see lovely colour, yellow, gold, brown, red but at the side of a boring road or in someones front garden where it made an uninspiring image. So i will have to be content with the images i have managed to get and wait 12 months for next autumn. I gave it a good shot and tried different places and these are what i think are my best.





There are others i could choose but i like these, especially the leaves. I am now going to turn my camera lens towards Winter images, so bring on the cold, frosty mornings, oh yes and the snow!

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