Happy Spring Solstice!

Finally, We can now say we are headed towards summer, Happy Spring Solstice everyone. I am so looking forward to lighter nights, sunny days and warmth. Get the shorts out, go on a diet, get a tan line, woop woop!

Look what Google marked the solstice with, yes a Hedgehog.Its so cute.

I’ve spent the solstice putting new work onto my website I was supposed to be walking the dog but im sure Storm wont mind waiting until tomorrow for his long walk, he gets a long walk once a week the rest of the time he gets around 20 minutes and plenty of play which is more than enough. (Storm is an Alaskan Malamute, we thing he’s around 6/7 years old, we are his forever home after being through 6 homes in 5 years)

Cheeky half hour on Mum’s bed

Have a cheeky check on my Instagram, I’ve added new work there too, playing around with Polaroid film, my favorite!

A little experiment that went awry.

Today was one of those rare days when i had the house pretty much to myself, husband off on a film shoot, kids on half term but hiding in their bedrooms playing computer games, so i decided that i was going to take this as a sign that it was ok to make art. I had been looking at some of my Polaroid images and decided that i could sacrifice two in the name of art. I wanted to experiment!

I can safely say that the first experiment was a complete and utter disaster! I put one of the Polaroids into the microwave and turned it on, within seconds it had burst into flames and i couldn’t turn it off in time to save it. I ended up with a small plastic lump, no way was that going to become a photographic image. In the bin it went.

Experiment two was better, i didn’t put it in the microwave this time, i held it over a flame on my cooker top, just enough to heat the back up, then i cut down the sides and peeled the back off leaving the developing chemical residue on the back of the film. This meant i could then do a ‘Lift’ of the emulsion and put it onto paper.

I decided to use gold foil on the paper so applied that first, then i placed the film into a bowl of boiling water and waited for the emulsion to bubble and lift from the film. I then used the clean film to place the emulsion into cold water and slipped the paper with the gold foil under the emulsion and removed it from the water. After a little maneuvering i had the image on the foil in the place i wanted it, i then dried it off with kitchen towel and after it has dried and been flattened i will mount and frame it in a simple black gallery style frame.

polaroid lift on a gold foil background

Maybe tomorrow i will get enough time to use my Polaroid Lab and print off some of the images i have on my phone!