Scout and Proud!

For those of you who don’t know, i have been a scout leader for the past 9 years. It was something i kind of fell into when our middle child joined Beaver Scouts at 6 years old. I was asked to help one evening and i went from helper to assistant in a blink of an eye and leader within the year. They told me it was only an hour a week, yeah right! I work hard at giving the Beavers a balanced program, outings, visitors and loads of fun. After 8 years of fun i was asked to join my friend and fellow scouter kelsey in becoming assistant group scout leader, in all effects, ‘the boss!’ THEN we needed a new Scout leader and i was ‘nominated’ to be his mentor, so for the time being i am also the scout leader so i have three hats to wear. To my great delight i have been nominated for an award from our chief scout for good service and was delighted to receive it on thursday evening from our county commissioner in Liverpool. Below is a picture of me receiving my award. Its taken on a mobile so the quality is a bit grainy but you get the picture, pun intended! 🙂scout and proud