2013 Not over yet, my annus horribilis

Referring back to an earlier post (http://wp.me/p2r95A-7b) i cant help but think what a great year 2012 was, in hind sight! Comparing this year to last is maybe a mistake, as these things can be, but it is also a great way of looking back and realising the year is not as bad as you think. Admittedly 2012 was a nasty year and this year has also been challenging in so many ways, it has also been a good year. My mums cancer is under control, she will never be cured because of the type of cancer it is but the maintenance drugs are doing their job and she is in a stable phase. Chris seems to have his neurological pain under control but his leg has been poorly, thrombo phlebitis is not nice, neither is having a venous bleed either. It is also very scary! It has on the other hand been great to have him at home, being together and he has been able to write. (velvetmedia@wordpress.com) The girlfriend from hell hung on for over 2 years but has finally gone and my son seems ok with it, i just wish he knew what he wanted from life. The other 2 kids are doing ok, not giving too much trouble.
So what is the annus horribilis bit about? Well apart from cancer, death, lack of money, all of the usual suspects in so many peoples life at the moment, i have also had health issues. I have had fibromyalgia (http://www.nhs.uk/Conditions/Fibromyalgia/Pages/Introduction.aspx ) for so many years, and because i am looking after everyone else it has flared painfully. I take the tablets, exercise how i can but i am putting weight on which affects my arthritic knees and hip which causes pain and depression. Photography has been my Savior, getting away from caring and loosing myself in our beautiful countryside with Chris has been such a boon.

I feel my photography has come on in leaps and bounds, i love using photoshop and photomatix not to hide the bad photos but to create art, i have beautiful images where i have used these programs and beautiful images where i felt they were great on their own. I have met some lovely people either on my outings or fellow photographers, i have also met some people who think far too much of themselves, the cliquey who wont let you play with their groups because your not one of THEM, but SO WHAT there are so many lovely people out there who WILL help you and to them, well thanks! Chris and i went to a photography networking day yesterday in Manchester with REDEYE and met a lovely group of people, of course there were a lot who already knew each other but for those who knew no one we were made most welcome. the talks given by the photographers were interesting and informative and the work we took was warmly received and there were many favorable remarks made. I cant wait for them to hold another day, in Liverpool this time. There really isn’t much longer before New Year and i hope for me, my family and friends and you too, that it will be good, creative wise, health wise, financially and that the troubles of 2013 can be put behind us.

So notable things so far this year, hmmm thinking, i received the book one of my photos was printed in, I had a photograph in the Williamson Art Gallery, several of my photos have been in the local papers, I have a photograph in the MAP Black Pearl exhibition in New Brighton and i have been asked to donate two photographs to help raise money for an upgraded path to our local War Memorial.
On another note i have taken on different duties with my scout group, i am now assistant group scout leader and am mentoring the new scout leader which means i am going in the right (upward) direction, i also want to start district work and hope the ADC for Beavers will allow me to help her so i can gain experience in that area.
My hopes for the next twelve months, i want to make a book with Chris. I think we could collaborate on a beautiful poetry and photography book, i feel they are becoming a popular genre and am sure we can pull something together fairly easy, where we will find a publisher im not sure but if i ask enough people surely someone will know. So keep an eye open for news on the book as i am sure we will give it 100% to see it through to the end and sat on coffee tables world wide.