Nikon Z7

Failure to take great photos, photos that are not sharp are unfocused and not print worthy. Well the first phrase is a mindset thing and comes down to mental health, if you dont think you will, well then, you wont. Covid has done a tap dance over everyone’s mental health and for me the only way through has been counseling but no print worthy photos at all? I’ve been taking photos, learning about photography and experimenting for many years and I noticed no matter what f stop, iso, exposure length I chose, those pictures were coming out fuzzy. I checked if the lenses were focusing correctly, my technique, read loads of articles about it and came to the conclusion that I was going to blame my kit!

I can hear it now, the loud voices, ‘here’s another one blaming their kit for their own short comings’ well actually, I realised that I have owned my camera for over 12 years and most of my lenses for around the same time, I’ve not upgraded anything as I’ve gone along and stayed comfortable using second hand gear. Time for an upgrade!

First on my list was to find a camera and lenses that were light enough for me to carry, second was usability, third price and fourth, well price, some lenses are astronomical. I knew I wouldn’t be able to purchase the most up to date model so read up on Sony, Panasonic and Nikon. I’ve already had a trial run with Sony but found it far too heavy, I cant get to grips with Panasonic, dont know why but I’ve never liked their camera’s so that left Nikon. I read up on the Z6 and Z7 but as a landscape photographer felt the Z7 a better fit and bought myself a late Christmas present, thank heavens for Black Friday Sales!

I’m going to write a post on my likes and dislikes, if any and how I’m finding mirrorless over 3/4 frame, I cant wait to use it, to print the first photo, all I have to do is figure out where I am going to go to take those photos. Any ideas?