VAA Online Art Exhibition

I finally found out which photograph has been accepted into the VAA Online Art Exhibition! Its only one of my most favorite images and just happens to hang on my living room wall! ‘Formby beach, pathway to the sea’. Taken back in 2012/3 i think, on a days respite with my husband Chris when we just got into our car and drove, something we love to do. We were wandering the sand dunes and happened on a gap down to the beach, so we went down it. It was quite a steep incline which was easy to get down and we were able to explore the beach taking numerous photos as we went. Upon closer inspection we realised the tide was actually coming in and quite quickly too so there was a bit of a mad dash back to where we had entered the beach, only to find it was easier to go down than it was to get up. Especially when your laughing at each other, it was literally two steps forward, one step back as the sand shifted under our feet but we made it in the end and i managed to capture this lovely image.

Formby Beach Pathway to the Sea

The exhibition is online and free, you just need to register here for your ticket and you should receive updates etc until the start of the exhibition on April 12th until June 30th 2021. All the work is for sale and is an opportunity to purchase art from up and coming artists and photographers.

More than one string to my bow

If you have ever taken the time to look at my FAA website (which is you will see that i am a Landscape photographer and if you have read any of my previous posts you will know that i use photography as a way of getting away from the stresses of being a carer, (wanderings with Chris). I have been very happy looking for suitable landscapes and have thought of myself as a landscape/nature photographer BUT someone once said you should have more than one string to your bow and as i have recently found it difficult getting out with my camera i decided to have a think about what else i could do. Fortunately my daughters friends cat had kittens, i am most deffinatley a cat person so i asked if i could pop round and take some pictures of those cute little kittens. I then decided i didn’t want just any old photo, i wanted CUTE photos, so i took a huge mug, a toy picnic box and various other odds and ends. My first objective was to cuddle those little kitty’s of course 😉 and once i had made friends i posed the kittens and took a handful of pictures, had another cuddle, of course, and gave them back to mum. (no kittens/cats were hurt or distressed during the cuddles, i mean shoot).

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I really enjoyed this style of photography, not just because of cute kittens but because it didn’t take me far from home, was very enjoyable and i loved the results. That got me to thinking about what else i could try and after a look around i decided i would like to do a study through the next 12 months using a hedgehog door stop my kids had given me. Introducing Mrs. Hedgie and her family.

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I take her everywhere looking for suitable situations in which to place her and plan to have enough images in 12 months to make a calender and i hope a children’s book. It should keep me out of trouble for a while and i hope prove a source of entertainment for other hedgehog lovers. Another enjoyable string to my bow and one that i hope will bring in custom to my burgeoning business.