Ch ch ch changes………

We all go through numerous changes in our lives and as a woman I have gone through many from childhood through to adulthood and out the other side, some have been harder than others, while a few have been so easy I’ve not noticed. Going from daughter to carer to facing the grief of loosing my parents has been one of the most difficult but it has also a significance, I am now free to live my life how and where I want. For the first time I can say to my husband, ‘ ok we’re off ‘ and go and have the adventure. I’m not quite out of the country yet but there are lots of ways to add adventure to your life, cut your long hair short, ditch those all encompassing jumpers, shop in a different location, go for a drive down the motorway with no plan for where your going, swap something that you are very comfortable with and learn to successfully use a new one, make a list of place’s you want to visit and start ticking them off, learn something new and basically just live your life like It’s one big adventure, after all we only get one life to live.

I’ve been speaking to women in my age group, women who have had children who have looked after their families, their loved ones and we all seem to agree, we ‘need’ adventure in our lives now that we are no longer needed by just about everyone. Some women ditch the husband for a new model but I personally think that’s an adventure too far but I could settle on ditching the house and running away to foreign climes. I’d start in Europe and visit all those little countries that appeal, Bulgaria for one, Italy, Sicily, Holland, etc……. There’s a guy on Instagram @1bike1world Dean and Nala the cat he rescued from the side of the road and they have the right idea, Dean rides his bike through country after country experiencing everything life has to offer. Now I’m not saying that I would go that far but having the guts to up and travel like that is amazing!

So far this year I have made my wish list, even ticked off one adventure, visited a place I’ve always wanted to go to, cut my hair short and reveled in just being able to do it all. I’ve bought a new camera, totally different from what I’m used to and am slowly learning how to use it and I am training myself to put myself first for the first time in 26 years. One thing that I am amazed at is how painful it is to do but I promised myself the adventure and that’s what I’m going to give myself, If you had the choice of adventures what and where would it be?

Wanderings with Chris, Alex, Elisabeth……..Cumbria

Family holidays. Love them or hate them they are an integral part of the trial by summer school holidays. Ours usually consist of mum, dad and two out of three kids now, with the usual bickering and moaning and wanting  to go home. We’re used to it and a holiday wouldn’t be the same without it. We had a weeks camping owed to us from last years flooded camp site, so we upgraded to a caravan as i didn’t think we had it in us to camp this time, just too tired, and it was great! We planned our week so we had flexibility for the weather and managed to fit in some great days out. Its done us, me and Chris, a  great deal of good to get away from the trials of cancer treatments, (my mum) and the angst of late teenage, (eldest child) . From the get go i said this would be a holiday on MY terms and they would do what I wanted to do and you know what, they did. We went to all of the places I wanted to go and take photos, they even enjoyed themselves and i took them where they wanted to go and took photos there too. Re visiting places was great and i also found a ‘tin tabernacle’ hidden at the side of the main road in a copse of trees, hidden and abandoned since the mid 80’s, which was a fantastic find. I love going to Cumbria because the land is totally different from the Wirral. It has High hills, deep valleys, folds and dips and lots of forestation.  It’s also inland so the Lakes are spectacular, we went to Windermere and cruised the lake which is great fun, Ambleside to see the house on the bridge, Penrith, Ulswater, Kendall, Appleby, we visited waterfalls which were fantastic because of the rain, South lakes wildlife park to see the snow leopards and we also took it easy, resting, relaxing and having family time together, yes we were one short but we can make up for that another time.

I was a little worried about the new car and if it would live up to expectation as its smaller but we did ok, no one was squashed, all our stuff fitted in the roof bag and boot and we learned some good stuff about the car, so good all round, i will be posting on my other blog my findings if you are interested.

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